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Haphazard Origami

Origami Bossk!

Um, Hi!

Bossk is a bounty hunter making the briefest of appearances in Episode V.

Here, he is portrayed in origami form!


My apologies for my poor camera skills.


Lando Calcreasian!

Um, Hi!

Hope this one looks good!

Origami Jawas

Um, Hi!

Some of you might remember an Origami Jawa in a photo of a group of nine different things that was in a post on Tom’s site, along with things from various other superfolders.


Well here is the same Jawa, along with my latest, and best version.


Two New instructions!

Um, Hi!

To help boost blog ratings, I’ve whipped up two new instructions!

One is for the adorable Ewok, the other for our favorite author, Tom Angleberger!

Check them out on the Instructions Page!

More whatever coming soon!

Origami and an Envelope

Um, Hi!

I gave this stuff to Tom a while ago, when I saw him in Chincoteague.

Now he’s finally posted it, and I’m posting it here!

Included are a Fancy Yoda, 4-Lom, and Mr. Randall!

The envelope depicts the Fold Eisley Cantina!

Darth Shredious!

Um, Hi!

Thought you might like to see my origami Darth Shredious, complete with force lightning bolts!

Kirigami Ewok Tribe!

Um, Hi!

I’ve been busy lately, and have folded a tribe of ewoks!

One is adorned with the feathers of the JubJub bird, another carries a pouch of rocks, ready to load into a slingshot!

The last is the tribe elder, bearing the tooth of a bandersnatch, won in battle!

Do not underestimate the power of the ewoks!

The 11 yodas and more!

Um, Hi!

Tom’s third origami yoda book is total rockets!

So, I folded my own Fortune Wookie!

I also completed a project of mine… The eleven faces of Origami Yoda!

Origami Ninja

Um, Hi!

With the third Origami Yoda book coming out tomorrow, I’m quite excited!

So, I’ve folded up an origami Ninja!

Soapy The Monkey

Um, Hi!

Soapy the Monkey is a character from the Origami Yoda books.

He’s a puppet belonging to a guy called Mr. Good Clean Fun, who lectures people about hygiene! He tends to swear a bit (Soapy) and is plain hilarious.

So, naturally, I folded him. Instuctions are on my Origami Instructions page.