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Um, Hi!

If you need a question answered, and you feel like asking a jedi master folded from paper, then you’ve come to the right place!

If you feel like asking a swearing monkey folded from paper, then you’ve come to the wrong place!

Just put you’re question in the comments below, and you will hopefully recieve an answer!

Note: Don’t ask questions of vital or semi-vital importance, as they may be answered unsatisfactorally.



  Rhianna wrote @

Should I turn to the dark side?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Not, most certainly!

  Yaseen wrote @

Do you think I will get married with someone I like!!??

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Unsure, the future is. Know this I do not.

  Rhianna wrote @

Of course!

  SF awesome one wrote @

how do I get a girlfriend

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Know this I do not.

  charlie5612 wrote @

there is this girl I really like. I’m pretty sure she likes me too. Should I ask her out?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

If confident you are, hurt it could not.

  S.F Tom wrote @

thanks yoda iv’e thought about who to fold and eventualy it came to plo-coon.
could you give me advicee on how to fold him, or even post instructions to me

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Difficult to fold, Plo-Koon is. Help you, I cannot.

  yoda (@00011661) wrote @


  superfolderluke wrote @

I know this cute girl named cydney in my class do you think she LOVES me?!?!?!?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

More context I would need.

  super folder luke wrote @

will i EVER get married???!!!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Someday, hopefully.

  Jek_14not wrote @

Yoda,a girl in my class has been extremely kind.Do you think she(gulp)loves me????

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Friend perhaps she should be.

  Jek_14not wrote @

We are friends already!

  Jek_14not wrote @

Yoda, I am wondering something. What piece of origami should I fold? Should
I wander away from star wars?(example:folding Iron man)or should I stick with star wars?(example:folding yoda)

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Whatever you feel you should fold.

  Tomoso wrote @

hello toda i have one question to ask you… how can i get SF Xark to stop calling me a dounut.. oh wait i have two. since tom made luke skyfolder and put him in the suprise attack of jabba the puppet witch star wars character shall i make out of origami instead?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Rude this Xark is. Stop him you cannot, but ignore him you can. Your heart (or wookiepedia) you must search, for the character to fold.

  S.F Tom wrote @

soz my auto type is being stupid! i ment xarl! SF Xarl!

  SuperFolder Grant from the wiki wrote @

yoda i have a great origami yoda who gives great advice can he also give advise?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Not see why I do not.

  SF EthanC wrote @

Origami yoda, how can you tell the future? And how did Dwight make you?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

The future… cloudy it is. Remember how Dwight can not.

  kfcoffice wrote @

how can I get this one kid to be my friend when he avoids me probley dosent read my notes and when I was mean to him last year?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Nice you should be and hope for the best you should.

  kfcoffice wrote @


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