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Soapy The Monkey

Um, Hi!

Soapy the Monkey is a character from the Origami Yoda books.

He’s a puppet belonging to a guy called Mr. Good Clean Fun, who lectures people about hygiene! He tends to swear a bit (Soapy) and is plain hilarious.

So, naturally, I folded him. Instuctions are on my Origami Instructions page.


Um, Hi!

Welcome to my site, the Um Hi Blog!

Um, Hi!

I am the Um Hi Guy, also known as Superfolder Jackson!

I’ll be posting my origami creations here, and perhaps a random thought or two!

Email me at

Origami Yoda

Um, Hi!

For those of you not familiar with Tom Angleberger’s books, check out his site,

Try folding some of his origami, like his easy, regular, or deluxe yodas, or, if you’re in the mood for a real challenge, try and fold the Kawahata Yoda!

All of these instructions and more are on the How to Fold Page on his site.